In this post we will cover quite a few different concepts I recently explored that influence the page speed, how they relate to Core Web Vitals and how to improve them!

Let’s start by agreeing on some terminologies and concepts that will be often referred on this post!

Time To…

I was using the Rails cache and Redis and I quickly overflew the memory storage so I went on a small quest to better understand the Rails cache implementation. I thought it worths writing a bit about it.

TLDR; use your cache client directly or pass the raw option as…

Hey all, this is a cross post from the original post on my website. Although I am not sure if I should keep cross-posting here it is one more.

The N+1 problem is one of the most common issues when our applications grow. That is frequently associated with ORMs because…

Hey all, this is a cross post from the original post on my website. I just realized my Medium is way behind the website, and although I am not sure if I should keep cross-posting I think I will do it at least for the few next posts.

The event…

A few years ago, I made a post called Hystrix: from creating resilient applications to monitoring metrics where I talked about avoiding catastrophes with circuit breakers in Java and monitoring our applications using Prometheus and Grafana.

This post focused on using Circuitbox, a Ruby gem for creating circuit breakers.


I just don’t do them anymore.

Okay, seriously now…

How many repositories of unfinished side projects do you have? I have a lot of them. There is no secret sauce in this post, but I realised that some methods that I already know could push me to be more productive…

Hey you all 👋! This article is the first follow up on JSCity series. If you haven't read it yet, feel free to check it out in the post bellow.

In this post we will explore:

  • Loading directories using node APIs.
  • Building a tree structure that represents the directories loaded.

Hey everyone 👋 it's been a long time since I do not post here! The main reason why that's the case is because I've been posting more on my account and making my personal blog on I do not know if I'll keep posting in this platform so…

Feature flag (or feature toggle, feature switch…) comes with different shapes and implementations, however is a well known and powerful technique for allowing teams to modify system behaviour without changing code.

The idea behind is: enable or disable features during execution time without any deploy. There are hundreds of implementations

updated at: 06/08/2019

React + Apollo Client + GraphQL = ❤

This quick post explains how to use different Apollo clients in the same React application, but in the end, discuss other approaches when working on multiple GraphQL APIs. This is not intended to question the GraphQL philosophy by any means 😝!

I wrote this because I found…

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